"Cost of Wind Energy Has Doubled in Three Years"

One of Big Climate's biggest lies is that wind energy lowers electric bills. Those of us condemned to live in states with a high amount of this nonsense have seen our electric bills soar. 

Not only do we have high rates, when we had extreme cold in February, 2021, we had blackouts, too. This had never before happened in Kansas, including in December, 1983, when we had the "coldest two weeks in the history of the state." In those days we were relying almost entirely on coal. 
As John Hinderaker writes,

The average cost of electricity generated by wind turbines has almost doubled in three years, and yet governments continue their irrational policies that can only drive the cost of power higher. The one thing that could make the situation catastrophically worse is if governments imposed drastic new demand on the electric power grid by making us all drive electric vehicles. But no, they could never be that stupid. Could they?

Massachusetts, which uses almost no wind energy, appears likely to back out of a commitment to build a major offshore wind farm. CNBC says,

The developer for a major offshore wind power project in Massachusetts has asked state regulators to pause review of the contract for one month, saying that global price hikes, inflation and supply chain shortages are disrupting the plan.

My guess is that the project, in its current form, does not get built. The East Coast, which wants to inflict more and more wind energy on us, doesn't build wind turbines for themselves. Both Washington DC and New York City receive almost none of their energy from wind

Wind turbines, when attached to the grid, raise prices and destabilize the grid. We need to stop building them. The moratorium needs to start today.

At this time, the world is enjoying another "pause" in atmospheric warming (peer-reviewed paper here) and it appears increasingly unlikely we will exceed the "magic" 1.5°C temperature target even if we do nothing. But, even if we do exceed it, there is nothing magic -- or even particularly scientific -- about that threshold. So, the very premise of the push to electrify everything is incorrect

Me? I'm keeping my gas-powered car and my natural gas-powered furnace. 


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