Extreme Tornado Risk: "Particularly Dangerous Situation"

11:18am radar along with red forecast
The NWS Storm Prediction Center has just put out a blurb informing us that they are going to issue a very rare "particularly dangerous situation" tornado watch in the area outlined in red. 

The dangerous thunderstorms will begin to develop around 1pm and tornadoes should be developing by around 2 o'clock. 

It is essential that you have your tornado preparations completed by that time. 
  • If you live in a mobile home without a shelter, find other shelter now.
  • Make sure your shelter area has any cobwebs, etc., cleared out.
  • Put in a couple of bottles of water. 
  • Wear shoes into the shelter area.
Have at least two independent sources of tornado warnings. 

If you wish to be able to depend on being awakened during the night if you are in a tornado warning or if you are busy and can't continuously monitor the weather, please sign up for StormWarn. For just $25 per year, you'll get a phone call 24 hours a day if you are in the direct path of the tornado but only if you are in the direct path. Unlike a weather radio, you will not be awakened for a forecast of hail 20 miles away. Nighttime tornadoes are more than twice as deadly as tornadoes during daylight. Please consider StormWarn. It may save your life. 

I will update the situation at mid-afternoon. 

Please also follow me on Twitter @usweatherexpert. 


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