National Weather Service Has Upgraded Their Tornado Risk Forecast

As I feared (see red areas in tornado forecasts below), the NWS SPC has also increased the risk of tornadoes today. Let's break it down. 

From 2pm today to 5am Saturday

Here is what this map means, using my 4-categories of tornado risk (significant, enhanced, high, extreme):
  • Red, hatched: High risk of tornadoes, some may be strong.
  • Yellow, hatched: Enhanced risk of tornadoes, some may be strong. 
  • Yellow: Enhanced risk of tornadoes. 
  • Brown: Significant risk of tornadoes. 
They have extended their highest risk area to the north (now including Hot Springs, McAlister, Paris, Texarkana) and they have moved the enhanced risk of the west to where it now includes Ft. Worth. 

I urge you to have multiple ways of receiving tornado warnings and have your shelter ready to go.

Because there is a significant chance of tornadoes after dark, it is a good time to consider signing up for StormWarn


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