Sunday, November 20, 2022

Forecast for Pre-Thanksgiving Travel

Current Forecasts
There are two areas of adverse weather occurring right now.

Gray is dense fog advisories. The green within the gray is a warning for freezing fog, which can be a major hazard for drivers. 

Great Lakes
Green, in this case, is snow squall warnings. We've all seen the photos from the Buffalo area. Similar conditions, but not as intense, are forecast to occur in these areas. Purples are winter weather advisories which are a less serious condition. 

The weather is going to be remarkably good for pre-Thanksgiving travel Tuesday and Wednesday.

Below is the weather map for 6pm CST.
The only airports with any significant potential for delays are Seattle and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. 

Here are the forecasted temperatures for 6pm. 

Nothing much forecast to occur on Wednesday. The only chance of airline delays due to weather isin Florida. 

The 6pm Wednesday map of temperatures shows nothing in the way of deviations from average.

Below is the total precipitation from now until 6pm Wednesday.

Things may be different for Thanksgiving return travel. We will cover that starting Tuesday.

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