Why Do You Think Biden Wanted 87,000 Additional IRS Agents?!

From Instapundit:

DEMS PREPARE IRS TO CRUSH EVANGELICALS: Buried in the laughably titled “Respect for Marriage Act” now before the Senate are provisions authorizing the IRS to jerk tax-exemption from any church or non-profit social service agency that refuses to support the LGBQT agenda regarding marriage.

What will come in the months following enactment will be a swarm of gay couples demanding that evangelical pastors perform wedding ceremonies that many of them will refuse, as a matter of faith, to do. There will similarly be gay couples demanding that religious-based adoption agencies that only match orphans with intact heterosexual couples abandon their beliefs.

In other words, the full force of the federal government is being prepared for the assault on tax-exempt churches and church-related social service agencies that liberals have dreamed of ever since Jimmy Carter failed effort in 1977 to do so woke up millions of evangelicals to their obligations as citizens to be involved in the public square.

It won't be just evangelicals, it will be Catholics, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and anyone else disagrees with leftist orthodoxy. 

Elections have consequences -- which is why the D's are trying to rush this through in a lame-duck session before the Republicans take over the House. 

There is a little doubt the courts will overturn this but in the meantime it will cause the defendants a fortune to fight these persecutions (which is what they will be). Remember, the defendants will be spending their money while the prosecutors will be spending our money -- with zero consequences for prosecutorial misconduct. 

Biden and the D's are on a dangerous path. I'm hoping some of the less radical Democrats think this through before voting "yes."


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