Tuesday, November 1, 2022

COVID: "We Didn't Know"? Utter Nonsense!

I've never liked the term "gaslighting" but that is exactly what is occurring with regard to the history of the absurd reaction to the COVID outbreak in the spring of 2020. 

The Atlantic wants us to believe the following fiction:
We didn't know?! Utter, utter nonsense. From this blog at the very same time, April 2020
I made the point that we were all safer outdoors many, many times in the spring and summer of 2020.

This gaslighting, just before the election, is intended to get people to forgive and forget the vast, authoritarian overreaction from the left that has persisted the last three years. Just today, I went to a physician's office that required all of the patients wear masks even though, as usual, not all of the employees were doing so. 

Note the date of this item from the New England Journal of Medicine November 19, 2020:
There is insufficient evidence to support the claim that masks reduce the infectious dose of SARS-CoV-2 and the severity of Covid-19, much less that their use can induce protective immunity...

Over and over, the medical evidence has been that masks do not work to protect the individual or the community, yet that did not stop the mask police from imposing their will. Some published, peer-reviewed studies demonstrate masks make things worseWe are still seeing the absurdity of people wearing masks outdoors where the medical science -- without question -- demonstrates we are better getting fresh air than rebreathing air via of masks. 

We've had the biggest drop in children's test scores -- the group least vulnerable to COVID -- because the CDC listened to the teachers' unions rather than the science. 

People lost their jobs over refusing to receive COVID shots of questionable net benefit. Now, the same bureaucrats are trying to make them mandatory for children to receive before going to school. Many Republican governors are saying "no!" Democrat governors (like Kansas' Laura Kelly) are going along.

Jurisdictions even banned religious services at drive in movie theaters that couldn't possibly have allowed COVID to spread. 
The ideas that we needed to impose outdoor mask mandates and ban church services at drive in movies and that we didn't know this was bad science would be laughable if not for all of the damage this has done. 

Now is the time to hold these people accountable. I hope you will do so come Tuesday. 

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