Winter Weather Update 9:05pm CST Sunday

Please note: there is a later -- 10:55pm -- forecast. Please scroll up. 

Important Update:

9:05pm:  Late data indicates that snow thunderstorms make occur in southwest and south central Oklahoma; especially near the Arbuckle Mountains. If they occur, localized amounts up to 6" are possible. That includes I-35 and US 77. Southern Oklahoma has little to no snow removal equipment. Please factor this into your travel plans. 

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Here is a map of the NWS's winter weather advisories (purple):
This includes Wichita, Oklahoma City and Amarillo.

Above is my forecast snow map. It is valid from 4am CST (3a MST) to 11pm CST Monday evening. Additional snow will fall farther to the east in Missouri beyond this time period. 

I will update this mid- to late morning Monday. 


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