Saturday, November 19, 2022

Global Warming: Hypocrites All

With the recent COP27 meeting ended, the hypocrisy of the private jet flying, meat-eating, blowhards has never been greater. With Mrs. Obama running around giving advice on television and elsewhere the last two weeks, I thought these were pertinent:

President Obama's Words

President Obama's Actions
...the Obamas' vast real estate holdings: A 29-acre Martha's Vineyard estate they bought for $11.75 million, a D.C. home worth $8.1 million, their pre-presidential home in Chicago, and the $8.7 million Hawaii property, the former site of the Magnum, P.I. mansion, on which they are building a massive oceanfront compound with three single family homes, two pools — and oh yeah, an expanded seawall that for anyone else would have been denied, endangering as it will the beach itself.
            Above from "Daily Mail."

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