"World to End Tomorrow; Women and Minorities Most Affected!"

The above is how, in 1988, comedian Mort Sahl said the New York Times would headline the end of the world. That came to mind when I saw this headline from the Los Angeles Times.
The headline is, of course, related to global warming. As the article says,

The study, which was published Monday [Halloween, naturally] in the journal Nature Sustainability, does not predict when the next 100-year flood will occur. However, the paper is among the first to examine how whiplashing weather extremes due to climate change may impact the Los Angeles Basin — a region whose development was guided by deep social and racial divisions that favored white residents.

In the Los Angeles Basin, researchers found that Black, Latino, and Asian residents were — respectively— 79%, 17%, and 11% more likely than white residents to be exposed to waist-high flooding.

The projected storm simply does not and will not exist. There is no such thing as a storm that produces a uniform amount of rain over a uniform period of time for an area that large. This is basic meteorology -- something that too often gets ignored when global warming zealots want to make headlines. For example, if a real-storm concentrates over the Santa Monica Mountains -- which is quite possible -- white residents will be primarily affected. 

It is bad enough that global warming extremists distort the climate and meteorology basics; it is even worse that they attempt to create racial division for what is a completely fictional situation. 


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