Tornado Threat Continues into the Night

Damaging tornadoes have hit Paris, TX, Idabel, OK and other areas this evening. There is a long string of tornado warnings out at the present time (below).

First, let's look at the threat for the rest of the night:
Here is what this map means, using my 4-categories of tornado risk (significant, enhanced, high, extreme):
  • Red, hatched: High risk of tornadoes, some may be strong.
  • Yellow, hatched: Enhanced risk of tornadoes, some may be strong. 
  • Yellow: Enhanced risk of tornadoes. 
  • Brown: Significant risk of tornadoes. 
The tornado threat should begin to wind down after 2am.

Second, if you live in these areas, it is essential to have multiple ways of receiving tornado warnings. Nighttime tornadoes cause two-and-a-half times more fatalities than daylight tornadoes. 

Now would be a great time to sign up for StormWarn which will ring two phones (say, your landline and cell or two cells) when you are in the direct path of the tornado..but only when you are in the direct path. 

Once you are warned, it sends you an instant email with your home's location marked and the radar which shows the storm in relation to your house. 

Finally, when it is safe to come out of your shelter, it calls again. You can sign up here and go to sleep tonight knowing you'll be awakened if it gets bad. 

As of 7:45pm, there is a long line of tornado warnings (red polygons):
The threat is gradually shifting east. 

You can see video of one of the damaging tornadoes, here


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