Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Climate and Rainbows: Will the Climate Absurdity Never End?

A forecast of how rainbows will change in the next 78 years. 🙄
Taxpayers in both the United States and Great Britain evidently paid for this peer-reviewed paper. 
  • First, who cares?!
  • Second, weather forecasts 78 years in the future? Absurd. 
That is hardly the only recent global warming silliness. See below from CNN.

The nonsense doesn't stop!

Of course, this is the same publication that told us in March, 2000, that "children aren't going to know what snow is."

Today, if you attempt to look up that infamous article, you get, "We can't find that page*."

No matter how many times the zealots are wrong, it never diminishes their confidence and self-righteousness. 

NOTE: This one came out today, after the above was posted. Global warming: Is there anything it can't do?!

* FYI: While I occasionally will delete a routine forecast to reduce clutter, I do never delete other content, including forecasts that are incorrect 

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