Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Two Books to Consider at the Start of Tornado Season

Warnings is written in the style of a novel and is packed with exciting, uplifting stories. It tells the stories of the people that created the systems that warn us of tornadoes and hurricanes and prevent aviation disasters. Here are some reviews:

If I were to tell you that I just read a history on the growth/improve-
ment of storm forecasting techniques in the 20th century, you'd 
probably think it sounded dull. Well, you'd be wrong. This book is 
anything but dull.
"You Will Love This Book"
                     --- Gary England

What Happens If the Warning System  
Ceased Working?
Unfortunately, we learned the answer on May 22, 2011, the date of the horrific Joplin Tornado in which 161 people lost their lives. When the Sirens Were Silent tells the story of the worst single tornado since the 1950's and why so many died. The book also has detailed safety suggestions for home, school and office.

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