Threat of Extended Flooding in the Midwest, Rockies and Great Plains

Here is the latest from the National Weather Service:

But, the above map may be very conservative. This tweet came in at 7pm CDT.
This flooding in off the map in southwest South Dakota. All of this moisture and snow is present even before tomorrow's storm drops more heavy snow on the region.

Don't consider this information merely "interesting." If you live anywhere near a river,  I recommending you begin planning, perhaps by consulting your local emergency manager. Once these rivers begin flooding, they will stay above flood stage for a considerable period of time.

ADDITION: Just after I finished the above, the Governor of Nebraska issued a State of Emergency for Flooding for that state. [721p CST]

SECOND UPDATE: The snowpack in Breckenridge, Colorado, today as demonstrated by nephew Parker.
This at the base of the mountain with much more at the top. In addition, more very heavy snow will fall tonight through Wednesday night.


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