Monday, March 11, 2019

Major Storm Threat: Getting With the Program

The map is beginning to fill in with regard to storm warnings for the major storm forecast to develop over the central third of the United States.
Let me run down the warnings for you:
  • Orange are blizzard warnings. This could be a severe blizzard when all is done. 
  • The dark blue is a winter storm watch. I believe the blizzard warning will need to be expanded into much of this area (see posting below). 
  • Pink is a winter storm warning. 
  • Dark green is a flash flood watch.
  • Light green are flood warnings.
  • Brown is a high wind watch. Note: there are areas in Kansas under the high wind watch what are also under a flash flood watch. Again, see posting below. 
  • Purple is a winter weather advisory, which is a lesser condition. 
If you live in these areas, please stay with a trusted source of weather information. This could be a very big storm.

Update at 6:08pm. There are now indications that wind gusts could exceed 70 mph in Kansas, Oklahoma, and west Texas. 

There are indications eastern Colorado and northeast New Mexico could see wind gusts higher than 75 mph!! In northeast Colorado, these winds will be accompanied by blizzard conditions. 

This will cause power failures over a significant area. Please plan accordingly. 
The small area of brown in east central Colorado represents forecast wind gusts of nearly 90 miles an hour. 

Additional thought: If you are planning to fly to/from/through Denver Wednesday or Wednesday evening, be prepared for major issues. If it were me, I'd contact the airline and see if you can leave tomorrow to get ahead of the storm. 

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