4:30pm Mega Storm Update

Here is the latest list of warnings from the National Weather Service.
Here is a reminder of what the colors mean:
  • Orange is a blizzard warning. Note it has been extended into far northwest Kansas, including Interstate 70.
  • Pink is a winter storm warning. 
  • Dark magenta is a flash flood warning (serious condition). 
  • Greens are various flood watches and warnings. 
  • Browns are high wind warnings and advisories. 
  • Purple is a winter weather advisory. 
Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar as of 4:20pm. As I am typing this, received a report that weather conditions are rapidly deteriorating near Rapid City, SD. Things will go downhill rapidly in North Dakota and northwest Minnesota tonight. 

A closeup of the 'eye' of the storm over Kansas. It is now moving NNE.
Winds have gusted to 96 mph at Colorado Springs and 83 mph at La Junta, both in Colorado, during the late afternoon. Peaks winds from this storm have been 109 mph (in Texas this morning). The Denver International Airport is closed. Below is the wind analysis at 4:21pm CDT.
Due to the extreme winds, more than 700,000 people are currently without power in multiple states. 

In terms of warning people in the Northern Plains, I don't think there is much more to say. Please check your trusted local meteorologist or AccuWeather for more information. 

This will be the final forecast update about this storm. However, I'll have some non-forecast comments tomorrow. 


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