A Superb Example of Television Weather Coverage

Yes: Television storm warnings save lives. Here is a superb example.
Meteorologists Josh Johnson (above), Eric Snitil, Amanda Curran and Lee Southwick put on a class that every television meteorologist should view, especially since we are near the start of the 2019 tornado season. 

While the coverage speaks for itself, I'd like to make several points:
  • In the best sense of the term, they are making it up as they go along. It takes real talent to do that under this type of pressure.
  • There is no correlation between market size and quality of television weather. Montgomery, their market, isn't even in the Top 100 in size. This type of coverage is, although not always this well executed, is common in the Great Plains and South. Some of the worst television weather in the nation is in the Top 10 markets. 
  • Meteorological knowledge matters. This is something television station general managers and news directors often fail to appreciate. These four meteorologists know their stuff -- critical when lives are in danger. 
  • Their chemistry and teamwork is as good as I've ever seen. 
  • While they mention National Weather Service's tornado warnings, they are not much of a factor in the coverage. It is difficult, at times, for the NWS to keep up. So, good TV meteorologists simply take over. That is not a criticism of the NWS. It merely reflects a reality that few, outside of broadcasting, understand.
Congratulations Josh Eric, Amanda, and Lee. Keep up the great work!!

H/T: Capital Weather Gang


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