Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Most Impressive U.S. Wind Map I've Ever Seen...

This is from 1:22pm CDT. The record strong low pressure system on the Colorado-Kansas border is moving very slowly to the east. Winds have gusted between 80-92 mph over eastern Colorado (including Denver) with fierce blizzard conditions west and north of the low.

There have been two reports of winds gusting above 100mph, both from Texas,
  • Grand Prairie, 109 mph
  • Pine Springs, 103 mph
  • 4 mi. S of Glen Haven, CO, 92 mph
  • Glacier Park, MT, 94 mph
  • Denver, 80 mph
  • Amarillo, 80 mph
Obviously, the circulation around this low dominates the nation's weather. 

Irony: Very little wind energy is being developed from all of this wind. The winds exceed 26 mph (the upper threshold) in most areas.

Here is a closeup of the above map. The low is on the Kansas-Colorado border.

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