Thursday, March 14, 2019

9am Wednesday, Mega Storm Overview

Reminder of the colors:
  • Yellow is a tornado watch.
  • Deep magenta are flash flood warnings.
  • Orange is blizzard warnings, which include part of central Nebraska that are covered by the flood warnings.
  • Light greens are flood warnings.
  • Dark greens are flood watches.
  • Gray are dense fog advisories
  • Blue are avalanche warnings
  • Purple are winter weather advisories
What a storm! It is literally one for the record books. Here excepts of CNN's online coverage:
Home in Denver covered in snapped trees and downed power lines.
Yes: they are rescuing rescuers. So far, only one fatality, a state trooper doing a rescue, has been reported.

ADDITION: In re: the tornado watch above, two tornado warnings in effect as of 9:34am in western Kentucky and far southern Illinois. Blue dot is tornado location as of 9:24am.
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