EMP: Thank You, President Trump

Finally! We appear to have a President who is serious about the threat of an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). EMP can be the result of a massive solar storm (one occurred in 1859) or an enemy detonating a nuclear weapon high above the United States.

Yesterday, the President issued an executive order (text here) to force the federal government to act on this issue.

In the real world, EMP is a far, far, far greater threat than global warming.

The first thing that would go is the electrical grid. No electricity. None. For many months.

No electricity means no pumps for gasoline or fuel for electric cars. Cars made in the last 20 years would be crippled as their computer chips would be ruined. Hospitals would lose their electronic instruments. Food would run out very quickly with no way to bring more to market.

We need to divert however much money is needed to get ahead of this problem as quickly as possible. If necessary, take the money from global warming research (after all, "the science is settled").


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