Extreme Turbulence Over Colorado

As feared, the turbulence over Colorado has gone above the rare "severe" category into the extremely rare, "extreme." Via Twitter...
To translate the above into English: At 37,000', 85 mi. east of Denver, there was extreme turbulence in the form of a mountain wave that almost "stalled" the aircraft.

A "stall" is a loss of lift which is an extreme hazard to an aircraft. If the pilots do not recover from the stall, the plane could crash.

I, personally, would not fly over or near Colorado this afternoon. If you must, then I urge:
  • Keep your seat belt on and tight for the entire flight.
  • Drink very little so you do not have to get up.
  • Eat very little so you are less likely to get airsick.
  • Take an airsickness medicine before departure unless you know you have a bad reaction to them. 
To be clear, I am talking about cross-country flights (NY to LA, for example) over Colorado and areas just south and southeast of Colorado, not just landing in the state. 


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