Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Airlines Have No Accountability - That MUST Change

While Jim Hall and I don't agree on everything (we had an 'interesting' conversation the morning of a hearing into the crash of an airliner and on other occasions), he is right on the money with this piece pertaining to the FAA's botching of the grounding of the 737-8MAX. I appreciate President Trump taking matters into his own hands and grounding the plane.

In fact, he doesn't go far enough.

The airlines can literally beat up an innocent passenger, cancel flights for economic reasons (only), sue you for saving them money (see below), forbid a customer to board with an approved (by the airline, TSA and FAA) medical device, etc., etc., and you have no genuine recourse.
There is no accountability because Congress and the FAA have been essentially captured by the airline industry. This needs to stop but I am not hopeful.

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