My Barometer Continues to Show Falling Pressure

At 2:20pm CDT...
My personal barometer is falling past 29.10" but I doubt it will go much lower. You can see it has fallen more than 1" in less than 24 hours.

Below is a great example that helps illustrates the correlation between low barometric pressures and wind. Via Twitter, here is a photo at the same time of a barograph in Jackson, Tenn. (N of Memphis).
The difference in pressure (the "pressure gradient") is huge. Wind flows from high pressure to low pressure in the same way as water (water and air are both fluids) flows from the top of a mountain to the bottom. The wind accelerates when there is a large pressure gradient.

Below, from 2:10pm, is a graphic of the wind spiraling into the center of the low from all sides.
The center of low pressure has moved into west central Kansas between Syracuse and Garden City based on readings from the Kansas Mesonet.


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