Who Cares About the Tornadoes? "Let's Watch Golf"!!

I had a sense that today might be one of those days where major tornadoes occur (scroll down), so I brought you information from the NWS Storm Prediction Center. Unfortunately, they were correct: it has been a major tornado day.
Via Twitter
Update: 11:23pm. The news gets worse.
Tornadoes have caused at least two fatalities (one of whom was an eight-year old girl) in the South today. Yet, TV meteorologists who were trying to save lives have had to deal with this and more:
I got so disgusted with one of them, I wrote this reply.
Yes, all they had to do was go to pgatour.com and they could have watched the same coverage -- without commercials -- on their computers.

Regardless, an outbreak of tornadoes, some strong, occurred today. Television storm warnings save lives. I salute the talent and hard work of the meteorologists in the affected areas. 


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