More Than Ever: Thank A Meteorologist

The center of the MegaStorm or "Bomb Cyclone" depicted by
Satellite over Kansas Wednesday Afternoon
One of the challenges faced by meteorologists and weather scientists is that, when we do our jobs well, nothing happens. Unlike a physician after successful surgery, no one is thanking, or even appreciating, the 24/7/365 work of meteorologists.

I have written a piece on this topic that the Washington Post has graciously printed this afternoon. You can find it here.
As the article points out, hundreds, if not thousands, would be dead from these storms had these forecasts and storm warnings not been available. 

If you know a meteorologist, please send a note to thank him or her. It will be appreciated far more than you know.

This concludes my coverage of the 2019 severe blizzard, wind storm, flood-generating, tornado spawning, severe turbulence aloft, storm of March, 2019. 


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