Dangerous Mega Storm Continues as Forecast (Unfortunately)

Here is the latest warning map.
The blizzard warning has been extended to the Canada border (orange). Near Scottsbluff, Nebraska, snow is falling at a rapid rate with winds gusting to 60 mph! This will be a fierce blizzard.

Via Twitter, this is photo along I-25 near Cheyenne. Utter whiteout. Fortunately, I don't see autos.
Pinks are winter storm warnings. Scroll down for my advice regarding the not-well-forecast icing threat in Nebraska and South Dakota (pink east of the blizzard warning).

Browns are high wind warnings of various types. Winds are now gusting above 70 mph in the Texas Panhandle. Winds will increase throughout the region the next 2-5 hours.

Greens are flood watches/warnings.


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