Thursday, April 14, 2016

Central U.S.? Fly In/Out of Wichita's New Airport!

As story after story moans about the sad state of U.S. airports, fly in or out of Wichita's new Eisenhower National Airport. It just won an award as one of the best smaller airports in the entire United States.
As it approaches its first anniversary, Eisenhower has an 89% customer satisfaction rate (see above link)! When was the last time you've been in an airport where nearly 90% of the customers were happy?!
So, where can you fly, non-stop, from Wichita? You might be surprised:
  • Los Angeles  (Allegiant)
  • Phoenix   (Allegiant and Southwest)
  • Las Vegas  (Allegiant and Southwest)
  • Denver   (United)
  • Minneapolis (Delta)
  • Chicago (American and United)
  • St. Louis  (Southwest)
  • Atlanta (Delta)
  • Orlando (Allegiant)
  • Dallas  (American)
  • Houston  (United)
So, if you live in the central United States, come fly with us. If you live elsewhere, come and visit us. In case you missed the recent story from the Chicago Tribune about Wichita being one of the "coolest" cities in the United States, just click on the link. 

By the way, mid- to late May and early June are the best times to visit the Kansas Flint Hills. Come and see us!!

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