Tuesday Severe Weather Outbreak Forecast

Here is the NWS Storm Prediction Center's forecast for 7am CDT Tuesday morning to 7am CDT Wednesday morning:
Consider that, on a next-day outlook, 15% (yellow) is the significant threshold, it is easy to understand that this forecast is a big deal. There could be a number of violent tornadoes -- that may extend into the nighttime hours -- tomorrow afternoon and night. There could also be giant hail and damaging thunderstorm wind gusts.

So, at the risk of repetition, let me remind everyone of the steps they should take to prepare themselves:
In addition to these excellent suggestions, I have a few more:

  • Make sure you have some extra money in your wallet. ATMs and credit cards are useless in a widespread power outage.
  • You need to be planning now for your children, elderly relatives and the infirm as to what to do if a tornado warning is issued. If you have a unique situation (a relative that can't go down the basement stairs to shelter), go pick them up when the watch is issued. Don't wait for a warning. 
  • If your children are in a district (like Wichita's, for example) where every school has a safe room for the entire student body and you live in a mobile home (for example) don't be in a hurry to pick them up at school. Safety (a safe room) should trump emotion (you want to have them with you in a crisis). 
  • The above said, every school district seems to have a different policy about keeping children (rather than dismissing) if storms are in the area. If you are not certain as to the policy, find out now rather than waiting until a possible crisis tomorrow. 
  • Make sure your cell phone, computer and flashlight are charged and/or have fresh batteries. 
I'll have updates as needed!


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