Andover Tornado 25th Anniversary Commemoration Update

It is a bit of a bitter coincidence that the 25th anniversary of the Andover tornado is going to be on a day with a serious tornado threat for much the same geographic area as in 1991. So, let's catch everyone up.

Here is the one-hour special program on the iHeartRadio Wichita stations about the tornado that aired yesterday. My interview is toward the beginning of the program. By the way, I learned for the first time this morning the official death toll was 18, not 17. An infant who died did not originally make it onto the death list.

Tomorrow evening is the official commemoration ceremony for the tornado is tomorrow evening. The details are at the link below:

Remembrance, Recovery & Resilience: A Commemoration

We did a complete rehearsal this morning and you will find it to be a moving and uplifting program.

Now, the bad news: If a Particularly Dangerous Situation Tornado Watch (rare) is issued before 3pm, we are going to call the program off and it will not be rescheduled. If an ordinary tornado or no watch at all are issued before 3pm, "the show will go on." If a tornado warning should be issued during the program, there is basement space for everyone. We will go to the basement and the program will resume after the "all clear" has been sounded.

I will make an announcement on the blog whether the program is on or off by 3pm tomorrow.

Answer to comment, below: I don't keep in touch with KSN management. May I suggest you call them at (316) 265-3333.


  1. Mike, do you know if there are any plans to re-release the KSN video "The Deadliest Storm"? I would love to have it on DVD.

  2. I was able to digitize the video from VHS tonight (just in time for the 25th anniversary!) Feel free to link this on your blog if you wish.


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