Where Tornado Warnings Come From

Meteorologists will, again, be incredibly busy tomorrow issuing tornado watches, warnings and other types of products designed to keep Americans safe from approaching storms. Others will be issuing warnings to aircraft designed to keep them away from landing/taking off in dangerous weather and to avoid severe turbulence.

Ever wonder how all this happens?

The death toll from once-frequent downburst-caused plane crashes has been cut 100% since 2004.

The death rate from tornadoes has been cut 97% since the 1930's.

These are astonishing, Nobel-worthy accomplishments. Warnings tells the story of how courageous meteorologists created the extremely effective, low-cost warning system we enjoy today. With storm season in full-force, now is a great time to read it or to give it as a Mother's Day or graduation gift.

You can purchase a copy from Amazon here.

From Barnes & Noble here.

And, if you are coming to the 25th anniversary of the Andover tornado commemoration tomorrow evening, you can purchase a copy for just $10, including sales tax. Autographs are free! If you already have a copy of the book and I'll be glad to sign it for you.


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