Update on Weather Extremes Next Four Days

For late Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening:
Large hail and a tornado or two are likely in the yellow area. 

Undoubtedly, if you have been following the weather recently, you know there is a serious threat of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms on Tuesday and Tuesday night.
Interestingly, this is the 25th anniversary of Wichita-Andover tornado. If you are planning to come to the commemoration, we planned the possibility of severe weather into our contingency plans from our very first session. There are basements at St. Vincent's, the site of the ceremony, so don't worry about the weather. 

There is also a possibility of severe weather Wednesday and Wednesday night. 

Here is the forecast rainfall for the next seven days. A point of trivia: If this forecast is perfect, it will be the wettest April in Dodge City history. With the exception of New Mexico, this storm will wipe out any drought in the central third of the United States. 


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