Great Article From "The Huffington Post"

I really like this article from Richard Muller, PhD. It, fairly, discusses the categories of people as they view the global warming problem.

So, where do I fall in the list?
  • Lukewarmists. They, too, stick to the science. They recognize there is a danger but feel it is uncertain. We should do something but it [must] be measured. We have [sufficient] time.
  • Skeptics. They know the science but are bothered by the exaggerators, and they point to serious flaws in the theory and data analysis. They get annoyed when the warmists ignore their complains, many of which are valid. This group includes auditors, scientists who carefully check the analysis of others. 
As defined here, I am probably 1/2 lukewarmer and 1/2 skeptic. There is nothing immediately catastrophic about global warming.


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