Announcing More Andover Tornado Radio Interviews

Another set of interviews about the 25th commemoration of the Wichita-Andover tornado is on the iHeartRadio stations in Wichita this Sunday morning
  • 7am airing on Channel 96.3, 102.1 The Bull and Alt107.3Wichita
  • 8am airing on B98 (97.9) FM
These are in addition the the following interviews/times:
  • 8am, KFDI-FM
  • 6am,  T-95 FM, 104.5 the Fox and KFTI (AM 1070)
If you are out of Wichita, you can listen by going to their websites. For example, the KFDI interview can be listened to, live, by pressing this link.  

Finally, if Sunday morning is not convenient for you. all of these stations will be posting the interview on their web sites.

And, a reminder that the 25th commemoration itself is Tuesday evening. Details at the link. And, of course, there are thunderstorms in the forecast for the region Tuesday evening. To reassure everyone, there is a basement at St. Vincents and we have already made plans in case any weather problems should arise. 


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