More on the Illegal Stifling of Free Speech, Global Warming Style

Excellent commentary by Megan McArdle. The money quote:

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman gave the game away when he explained that they would be pursuing completely different theories in different jurisdictions -- some under pension laws, some consumer protection, some securities fraud. It is traditional, when a crime has actually been committed, to first establish that a crime has occurred, and then identify a perpetrator. When prosecutors start running that process backwards, it’s a pretty good sign that you’re looking at prosecutorial power run amok.
And that approaches certainty when attorneys general start sending subpoenas to think tanks that ExxonMobil might have supported. What exactly would the subpoena prove? That ExxonMobil supported opinions about climate change? That the opinions tended to be congruent with its own interests? That this opinion might have been wrong, and if so, might have encouraged wrong beliefs in others? This is a description of, roughly, every person or organization in the history of the world, not excluding attorneys general. 
If there is a legal fund to fight these abuses of free speech, please let me know and I'll donate.

And, for the global warming advocates who read this blog (of which there are quite a few), if you don't speak out about this abuse of power now, you have no right to complain if the R's come after you when they gain office!


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