U.S Airline Mess

Although not so much in the last year, I have, in the past, written a great deal about America's dysfunctional (from the point of view of a frequent travel) airline industry.

While I consider the incredible safety record of the industry to be one of the greatest technological and human factors achievements of our age, the fact is the flying experience has become worse than a third-world bus (and, yes, I have ridden a third-world bus). Between the TSA and more and more seats being crammed into the planes, I now drive whenever possible.

With the news that United is cramming yet another seat into each row of coach on its 777's, we learn that Senator Schumer's bill to regulate a minimum seat width was defeated. The story summed up,
In the end, the Senate voted 54-42 against adopting this amendment to the FAA reauthorization. Voting was primarily along party lines, with one Republican (Susan Collins of Maine) voting in favor of the amendment, and three Democrats (Tom Carper of Delaware, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, and Jon Tester of Montana) voting against.


  1. every single one of them that voted against should be barred from submitting any requests for reimbursement that are not coach seats on a large plane.

  2. I had noticed the American airlines pack people in like Sardines.

  3. So does this mean that airlines are soon going to have a seat that you have to see if you can fit in before you board the plane, like a roller coaster?

    "Must be shorter than this line to ride on this plane."


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