Others Are Realizing "The Single Most Important Question"!

People who read this blog have seen me write about this question over and over and over:

What is the ideal earth temperature for the human race?

Without an answer to that question, all of the climate debate is utterly irrelevant.

As readers know, I have posed this questions, numerous times, to various climate scientists. I even sent it to a climate publication. No one wants to answer.

Unless we know what the idea temperature is, we wouldn't know -- assuming it were possible -- how we calibrate any adjustable effect by humans on climate.

Others are emphasizing this issue:

Imagine something that is entirely possible—that a single such technological breakthrough enables us to control the world’s average temperatures. Could we then agree on what the ideal temperature should be? Is the current global average temperature the ideal one? Many would take that for granted, and climate alarmists appear to presuppose it, but the proposition is hardly self-evident.

"Hardly self-evident" is putting it mildly.

The excerpt comes from a superb article about the climate at the purple link which I highly recommend.


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