Friday, January 2, 2015

4:30pm Winter Storm Update

Regional Radar 4:05pm 
The blues are areas of snow with the darker blues corresponding to heavier rates of snowfall. The pinks are freezing rain with the darker shades corresponding to heavier freezing rain.

Freezing Rain - Ice Storm

Here is the probability of 0.01 inches or more of freezing rain (glaze ice) through midday Saturday.
Remember: 0.01inches is enough to make roads (especially secondary roads and bridges) slippery.

Here is the probability of 0.25 inches of ice accumulation, which -- with gust winds - is enough to cause scattered electrical power interruptions. The greater chance is from west of Wichita Falls to around Midland. Roads will become very hazardous in these areas.
If you live in one of the dark blue areas (above) and roads are still reasonable, you may wish to fill your tank with gas, get extra money from the ATM, etc., before conditions seriously deteriorate and any power failures still occur.

The threat of accumulating freezing rain spreads northeast for the latter half of the weekend. Here is the general threat. I'll have updated amounts posted tomorrow morning on the blog.

Snow Accumulation
The map is the probability of two inches or more of snow accumulation. As the low pressure system passes a given location, winds will shift to the north and gust to 25 or even 30 mph from west Texas to Kansas and up to 20-25 mph in the Corn Belt. So, there could be some minor drifting.

Farther northeast, here is the general snow threat for late Saturday and Sunday.
AccuWeather has more on the storm.

Air Travel

If you are planning to fly through Chicago's airports late Saturday or Saturday night, there is a possibility of major delays and flight cancellations.

Tornado Threat

Scroll down. Additional posts on that threat will be different threads from the winter on Saturday and Saturday night.

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