Saturday, January 3, 2015

Preparing For Tornado Season 2015

With the first tornado watch of 2015 already in effect,
Tornado Watch #1 for 2014 with radar from 12:50pm
it is not too soon to be thinking about 2015 tornado preparations, especially if you live in the South. With that in mind, When the Sirens Were Silent is an excellent choice, especially with an ebook fee of $2.99.
The book even includes print-out version of the tornado safety rules for homes, schools and businesses (one page for each).

Some reviews:

I will end this review by highly recommending this story. The insights on what took place in the hours before the tornado struck and as the tornado was on the ground are priceless. The concerns Mike Smith presents are credible and real, sad to say. But his message on preparing for such an epic storm at the end of the story are also priceless. Thanks, Mike.

Lee Throw

An important read.
"The Washington Post"

When The Sirens Were Silent should be required reading for the people of Missouri, and a must read for anyone that has heard a tornado siren go off. Well written and a eyeopener.

Theresa Powers

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