Monday, January 26, 2015

Forecaster Evie: Are You Kidding??

Forecaster Evie and I just saw a television reporter in the Midwest stating, "I'll see you in NYC tomorrow." Evie and I say, "Wanna bet?"

There is 5" of snow on the ground in New York City already. Kennedy Airport has reported wind gusts to 37 mph and the winds are just getting started. The satellite (below) shows the low pressure system slightly west (bad!) of where it was predicted to be at this point.

Under those clouds are thunderstorms -- more bad news. The AccuWeather map below shows cloud-to-ground lighting flashes.
Those flashes indicate a strengthening weather system.

Here is the AccuWeather Regional Radar showing the storm as of 6:15pm As the storm strengthens the movement of the snow is becoming more westerly than on the last update.
It would not surprise me to see a spot or two on Long Island or southeast New England have between 35 and 40" whipped by blizzard winds. Drifts may exceed 8 ft. in those areas. Otherwise, the forecast snow amounts immediately below still look good.

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