Monday, January 26, 2015

Big Climate: The Climate Ghouls

Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted an item asking how long it would take until the climate cult started blaming the Blizzard of 2015 on global warming.
Answer? Nineteen hours.
We'll get to the science in a moment. But, this whole exercise strikes me as ghoulish. Big Climate can't wait until a huge storm -- that will seriously inconvenience or even kill many people -- to pounce with its propaganda, regardless of whether the science supports their claims. 

First, the peer-reviewed science does not support these claims. Check here and here, if you wish to read it. There is no upward trend in Northeast blizzards. 

Second, just check the climate history of New York City:




So, the scientific literature does not support a claim that blizzards are worse or more frequent. And, if severe blizzards occurred before CO2 levels began to rise (late 1950's) how in the world is the current blizzard caused by global warming??!!

As previously stated, global warming used to be about science. It is now, almost entirely, about politics and money. 

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