Sunday, January 25, 2015

Latest on Northeast Blizzard

Boston, Providence, Hartford, Long Island and New York will have blizzard conditions with the upcoming storm.  
This storm is a very big deal. As of this moment Delta and American have issued waivers (i.e., you can change plans without penalty). United has not but they likely will. Take advantage of them! Here is how with my Airline Survival Guide

When will the snow arrive? Here is AccuWeather's forecast: 

I am not posting a snow amount map yet but I am confident some areas will get more than two feet of snow. In the blizzard area, winds will gust above 40 mph. The other reason I am not forecasting a snowfall map is because there are actually two parts to the storm. The first part is currently over the Midwest (see below) moving east. 
The main part of the storm will move in from the south and has not yet formed. Additional updates this afternoon. 

Please prepare for a major storm. 

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