Blizzard of 2015 Update

Current Conditions in Boston
Worcester, Mass.
Lyme, CT
Here are some current snow amounts, with snow continuing to fall:

Worcester, MA - 25" Islip, NY - 20.9" Killingly, CT - 20" Falmouth, MA - 19" Dracut, MA - 18.1" Plymouth, MA - 15.8"
Lowell, MA - 23"
More than two feet fell on Long Island with severe drifting. The official snow amount at Islip was 21"
Snow drifts in Tewksbury, MA
 Here is the latest AccuWeather Regional Radar:
The heaviest snow in NYC was in the eastern part of the boroughs and on Long Island.


  1. GFS verified more/less. The vaunted ECMWF biffed this storm. Good link here:


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