Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Amazing Essay

This is a simply amazing essay that captures many of the members of the global warming cult with whom I am personally acquainted. The writer lives in Great Britain. I have added a couple of items in brackets.

It is not exclusive, expensive delicatessens, but rather the wicked low-cost supermarkets frequented by everyday folk which they find repellent.  It is a commonly heard complaint from Greens that things ‘aren’t expensive enough’.  The ‘rebels’ down from Eton for the anti-globalisation rallies threw bricks through windows – but not the windows of high-class restaurants.  Instead they smashed up and ransacked a working class MacDonalds [Wal-Mart in the USA] when they marched down Piccadilly.  It is not the luxurious Heals furniture shop that makes them angry, but the proletarian IKEA, with its affordable sofas and lamps.
The mass production and distribution of food is deplorable to them.  In fact the mass production of goods, whatever they may be, renders those goods nasty and soulless.  The mass production of houses, the mass consumption of culture … everything to do with the masses, it seems, every form of economic activity that benefits the many-headed, is held to be vulgar and an offence against the natural order...
In his book Green Capitalism, James Heartfield says, ‘greens protest against a certain kind of consumption – mass consumption.  By their green consumer choices, environmentalists are demonstrating that they are better than the herd … Green consumerism does not mean consuming less than the rest.  In fact it ends up meaning that you consume more.  Your consumer choices are more finickity, less easily satisfied.  They say something about you.’  
And the same goes for the Green outrage at mass tourism, ‘The ‘conscientious consumers’ love air travel [in private jumbo jets]– for themselves.  They just hate cheap air travel that everyone else can enjoy.  The reason they first got into tourism was to get away from us. Now that we are all following them, ruining their isolated spots in Ibiza and the Dordogne, they need a reason to stop us.  Not to put too fine a point on it, concern over CO2 emissions came after the prejudice that mass tourism was a blight.  Global warming predictions provide a useful, quasi-scientific justification for anti-working class prejudice.’ [They love the self-congratulatory feeling of 'standing up for the planet' regardless of the size of their carbon footprints.]
Highly recommend reading the entire essay.

Hat tip: Bishop Hill.

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