Sunday, January 4, 2015

Only an Academic Would Propose This

So, let me get this straight: The government mandates wind and solar energy which are far less reliable than conventional energy sources. Now, an academic proposes holding utilities liable for outages.

People fight -- including filing lawsuits -- to keep trees from being pruned around power lines so the lines don't come down in storms. People and regulators do not want to pay the cost of burying all the lines. State regulators will not allow utilities to have their own crews sufficient to restore power as that drives up rates. And, as I mentioned, new sources of energy are less reliable.

In 1973, on this date, my power was knocked out by a horrible ice storm in Kansas City. The crews were out trying to get things restored as the ice and snow was still falling. Ten years ago today, in Wichita, we slept at my office because we had power knocked out to our home by an ice storm. As we drove from my home to my office, we passed electrical trucks and men (they were all men) outdoors in the storm working on the lines.

I propose that the author of the study, Timothy Brennan, have to ride with utility trucks restoring power during a winter storm in freezing temperatures for a few months so he gets a taste of the real world.

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