Friday, June 6, 2014

Dangerous NIGHTTIME Storm Threat

I always get concerned when tornadoes and severe thunderstorms occur after dark which is going to be the case tonight.


The tornado threat (5% significant threshold) has been extended by the Storm Prediction Center to Wichita, Enid, Guthrie and Ponca City. This forecast is valid until 7am Saturday morning.

Damaging Thunderstorm Winds

Major upgrade on the threat forecast. Fifteen percent is the significant threat. The hatched area is where wind gusts of 75 mph or higher are forecast to occur.

Large Hail

Again, 15% is the significant threshold for hail 1" or larger. The hatched area is where hailstones 2" or larger are forecast.

Another tornado watch has been issued for the northwest third of Oklahoma (Panhandle under separate watch) until 3am CDT.

This is a dangerous situation. Here are some safety suggestions:
  • Make sure you have a weather radio, call service, or weather app with an alarm to alert you during the night. If not, designate someone to watch the weather until the storms clear your area or the watch(s) are cancelled. 
  • Charge your electronic devices now, then unplug before the storms arrive. There are indications there will be high to extremely high rates of lightning (power surges).
  • Bring in trampolines, outdoor furniture and other objects that could blow about.
  • Put your car in the garage. 

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