Sunday, June 29, 2014

Two Tornado Warnings - Atchison to St. Joseph

9:34pm: Flash flood warning (green) with serious flooding possible. Tornado warnings in red. DeKalb should continue tornado precautions. Last update of the night! Tornado watch continues in northeast Kansas and NW MO.

9:22pm, broad rotation. Damaging winds likely. Tornado possible. One was confirmed at 9:17 near Rushville. Take cover toward I-29.  Take cover in DeKalb and areas between DeKalb and Iatan.

Via Twitter, just got this photo of tornado in Atchison area.

We are getting reports of tornado touchdowns from Atchison, KS to Rushville, MO. At 9:12pm, there were two areas of rotation between Rushville and Lewis & Clark Village. We have had some minor damage reported, hopefully, that is all that is occurring.

8:48pm, rotation right on top of Atchison, JKS

8:46pm, rotating wall cloud near Atchison. Via KMBC TV.

Two areas of rotation. Take cover in these areas. Radar, 8:41pm.

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