Midwest: Another Stormy Day

Here we go again. After tornadoes and violent storms yesterday, it looks like more of the same today.

Tornado Risk:
Five percent is the significant threshold. Fifteen percent is quite high and the hatching means violent tornadoes are forecast. Please make sure sure you monitor the weather in these areas!

Damaging Wind Risk:
Fifteen percent is the significant threshold for winds of 60 mph or more. The hatched area is where winds of 75 mph or more are forecast.

Large Hail Risk
Again, 15% is the significant threshold for 1" or larger hail. The hatched area is where 2" or larger hail is forecast.  

Bottom line: This is a potentially dangerous situation from Kansas to Michigan. If you live in these areas:
  • Plan to park your car in the garage
  • Bring in lawn furniture, grills, and trampolines
  • Make sure you have a source of weather information when thunderstorms approach
  • Be sure your shelter has a flashlight, batteries, a bottle of water. Wear shoes and take your cell phones.


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