Monday, June 16, 2014

"Particularly Dangerous Situation" in Nebraska and Iowa

This type of tornado watch is rare. What should you do?
  • Make sure you can gather up the kids quickly and move to shelter if a tornado warning is issued. 
  • Have a flashlight with batteries ready in your shelter along with a radio.
  • Everyone should wear shoes into the shelter. 
  • Move your lawn furniture, trampolines and other objects that can be blown about indoors.
  • Put your car in the garage to protect it from hail and blowing debris.
If you don't have a shelter, now, before warnings are issued, it is the time to come up with a sheltering strategy. For example, you want to go to a friend's house with a basement, go over there now and bring dinner as thanks. Do not try to drive to a shelter after a warning is issued. 

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