Climate Meeting: A Question and the Answer

Question from Twitter:
Hypocrite-in-Chief John Kerry arrives in Dubai via, what else, private jet
Because it isn't even remotely about the environment any more. It is about 1) money; and 2) power. And, when I talk about money, I'm referring to boatloads of our tax dollars, many of which are flowing into their pockets

In Dubai, many of the 70,000 attendees (an obscene number for a conference that is supposed to cut carbon emissions) will have flown in on private jet -- the most carbon-wasteful way to fly. They will be wined and dined on imported wine, steak and caviar -- you can't get that over Zoom! Setting a good example never occurs to them because, as I said, it is not about the climate or the environment.

I've actually given this some thought and believe global warming generates more hypocrisy than any other issue in history. They don't even bother to pretend anymore. I've met a few of the attendees and they have huge egos. They believe they are so important that is doesn't matter if they have carbon footprints the size of Alaska. They like the trappings of power, part of which is imposing laws and requirements on us from which they will exempt themselves...even if the laws gain us nothing (remember the COVID lockdowns?). 

They are genuinely dangerous to our freedom and to our economic well-being. 


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