UPDATED: Blizzard Conditions Likely in Parts of the Central United States

Traveling With Be Dangterous in the 
Blizzard Area 
(Outlined at Bottom)

The NWS has updated its winter storm impacts chart to put the effects of the winter storm in parts of South Dakota and Nebraska into the red -- major impacts -- category.

It says there will be "major disruption to daily life" and to "avoid travel if possible." I would say, "don't travel at all unless it is a genuine emergency." The red area may have more than 15" inches of snow with considerable drifting. 

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Via Pivotal Weather
Above is a forecast of snowfall between 1am Christmas Eve and 11pm Christmas Day. What makes this worse is that high winds will cause blizzard or near blizzard conditions over Nebraska, northern Kansas and southern South Dakota. 
Peak winds until 10am Wednesday
The yellow/orange represents peak wind gusts of 50 to 55 mph which will cause blowing and drifting snow. 

So, I am calling for near blizzard or blizzard conditions as outlined below 
Please follow local weather forecasts plus the updates I will be posting here. 


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