Be Careful of Elderly Solar Scams!

I received an email from a friend in Ft. Worth Sunday pertaining to his elderly parents (80's) and the fact they had been contacted by a company wanting to put solar panels on their roof. He wanted to know if I knew anything about this since I live nearby. 

Turns out, this is a common scam -- with the elderly as a target. See here , among others. Please inform your elderly relatives about this to make sure they do not fall victim. 

Turns out this company, Sunnova, has received considerable support from the Biden Administration and is now the subject of a congressional investigation. The field of 'green' energy seems to be filled with graft. 

Again, please inform your elderly parents and do not let them sign anything until it is has thoroughly vetted. 


  1. “The field of 'green' energy seems to be filled with graft.”

    As supposed truth purveyor where and how do you land on this broad brush conclusion?

    There are grifters, unfortunately, in most every industry, which doesn’t outweigh those who are not

    For example, one might believe the field of meteorology is filled with graft…or is it?


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